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SHAPE International School

General Services Section, Building 717, Shape, 7010, Mons, Belgium Tel: (+32) 65 445726 Fax: (+32) 65 353351

School Summary
International, UK, curricula.
400 students, 3-19 yrs.

The SHAPE International School is an integral part of the Supreme Headquarters of Allied Powers in Europe (SHAPE). The school is a federated complex in which an integrated kindergarten and ten national sections operate side by side, including Belgian, Canadian, German, Italian, Norwegian, British and American representatives with the co-operation of an international General Unit.

Though national sections are responsible for the selection of their staff and the determination of their curriculum, the policies of the school as a whole are drawn up by the SHAPE International School Board. Members of the Board are appointed by their National Military Representative while the President is the Supreme Allied Commander's own representative. All are members of SHAPE.

The Principals' Committee, chaired by the Director General, implements Board policies, and, in turn makes recommendations to the Board.

The two basic goals guiding the policies of SHAPE International School are:

1. that when pupils leave the SIS to return to their countries they are able to resume their studies with no significant problems of readjustment.

2. that every opportunity should be used to acquaint students of SIS with persons of other nationalities, to study their cultures and understand their points of view.

Enrolment in the SHAPE International School is limited to children of SHAPE members or other authorized personnel. Sixteen NATO countries and twenty-one nations having adhered to the 'Partnership for Peace' program are represented in the student body.

EFL and French classes are organized for non-English and non-French speaking students, enrolled in the British, US and Belgian Sections.

The school is located in a park, on the SHAPE site, in a suburb of Mons. Facilities include two gymnasia, a cafeteria, computer labs. Competition with other schools is provided in swimming, bowling, wrestling, track and field events, American football and basketball. Regular field trips to Europe are offered.



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